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Why join the IBEW?

Representation:  Representation is the prime benefit of union membership. Through representation we negotiate defined contract rights, including wages, benefits, and the conditions under which we work. These negotiated benefits allow our members to have a rewarding career and the ability to look forward to a prosperous retirement.  Our members also have representation through a grievance process, should problems arise at work.

Wages:  Our members have negotiated fair wages for their labor.  Currently our Inside Journeymen earn $48.58 per hour, our Residential Journeymen earn $36.44 per hour, and our Sound and Communications Journeymen earn $38.86 per hour.

Hours:  Working hours for all members are defined by our contract as 8-hour days, 40-hour weeks.  Work outside of these hours are paid at regular wages times one and one-half, or double time.

Health and Welfare plans: We have 2 health plans available to choose from.  These full family plans have benefits for Medical, Vision, Dental, and Prescription Drugs.

Retired Trust Plan: This is a Health Insurance plan for retired members, age 60 - 65, and their spouses.

Retirement Benefits:
Cascade Pension:  This is a defined contribution plan, with contributions made on a per-hour basis ($10.49 for Inside JW's; $7.16 for Residential JW's; $8.14 for Sound & Com JW's).

NEBF Pension:  This is a defined benefit plan in which contributions are made by employers at 3% of our members gross payroll each month.  The plan provides three types of benefits:  Retirement benefits, Disability benefits and pre-retirement Spouse benefits.  

IBEW Pension:  This pension is sponsored by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  Contributions are made by active members at $14.00 per month into the Pension Benefit Fund.  The plan provides three types of benefits:  Retirement benefits, Disability benefits and Death benefits.  The plan has options for normal retirement at age 65 and optional early retirement at age 62.

Apprenticeship: For those looking to begin a new career in the electrical trade, there is the apprenticeship. The apprenticeship is a structured way that we teach entry level workers the skills of the trade over time, through on the job learning, and additional classroom instruction.  Currently our apprentices start their career at 50% of Journeyman scale, and can expect increases in pay as they reach set levels of on the job and classroom hours. All apprentices in Oregon are required to have 8000 hours of on the job, hands on experience, and 800 hours of classroom instruction, to complete their training. Once the apprentice completes their required hours,  they are eligible to take the Oregon General Journeyman Examination. Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship, and earning a score of 75% or better on the Journeyman Examination, apprentices are graduated to Journeyman status. 

For more information on our apprenticeship, please contact the Pacific Inside Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee at 541-756-6997

Journeyman Training: Local 932 offers continuing education classes to our members, to keep up with the Oregon Electrical Licensing requirements. Members may also choose take continuing education classes at reduced rates, in the other locals throughout Oregon. 

For more information, or to Join the IBEW, contact Business Manager Robert Westerman at 541-756-3907

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