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*Please Remember that this information is supplemental to the job hotline. The job hotline is the only official source of job information, and you may only bid on calls by calling the job hotline before 8 am. You may reach the Local 932 office and job hotline at 541-756-3907

** Due to the Covid -19 Pandemic, there are emergency dispatch procedures in place. 932 members may sign our out of work list by phone. Dispatch of journeyman and apprentices will continue as normal for any available jobs. All job calls will be on the hotline, and those on the books will be dispatched as normal. In the case of open calls we will allow travelers to sign Book II by phone to receive a dispatch. These dispatches will be handled on a first come first served basis.



IBEW Local 932 maintains Out-Of-Work Lists for the Inside Agreement, the Residential Agreement and the Sound and Communications Agreement.  Basic eligibility criteria are specified in each agreement.  Following are additional rules governing the operation of the Hiring Hall. 

1. Registering.  To be eligible to sign the Out-Of-Work List the registrant must meet the basic criteria for the Group they want to sign.  A registrant on the Out-Of-Work List may not be employed in any capacity by an employer signatory with IBEW Local 932.  Upon signing the Book, the registrant will be given a referral number.  To sign the Book, the registrant must provide their name, Social Security number, address, telephone number, and appropriate evidence to demonstrate they meet criteria of the Book they want to sign. 

Note: To meet the six month in four year requirement, time spent in active military service or on medical leave shall not be counted.  The registrant shall, upon request, provide the business manager with appropriate documentation of military service or by a treating physician.  

2. Updates – Group 1. In order to maintain their position on the Out-Of-Work List, the registrant that qualifies for Group 1 status must provide Local 932 with an update at least once yearly from the original date they signed Book I, or the date of their last update. 

Updates – All Other Groups. In order to maintain their position on the Out-Of-Work List, the registrant must provide Local 932 with an update at least once each calendar month. An update consists of advising Local 932 that the registrant wishes to maintain their position on the Out-Of-Work List.

Updates must be clear and legible and include name, Book, referral number, IBEW card number, and the registrant’s signature.  The following methods may be utilized.

A. In person.

B. By fax to (541)756-5612.

C. By mail. Mail in updates must be received by the Local Union within the calendar month.

D. By E-mail. Registrants who wish to update with e-mail must provide their personal e-mail address; only updates from this address will be allowed. Registrants may      e-mail update to the Local Union at:.office@ibew932.com.

Note:  A registrant who does not update in accordance with the above rules, shall be removed from the Out-of-Work List(s).  

Note:  Registrants in active military service may maintain their place on the list without providing monthly updates except that in order to be dispatched from their original places on the Out-Of-Work List such registrants shall, upon request, provide the Business Manager with appropriate documentation of military service. 

3. Re-Register.  Upon termination or lay off the worker must re-register in person at the Union office.  

4. Hours of Operation.  The Hiring Hall is open from 8:00 a.m.. to 12:00 p.m.. and 1:00 p.m.. to 5:00 p.m.. daily excluding holidays and emergencies.  

5. Dispatch System.  Employer requests for manpower must be received by 5:00 p.m..  Request for manpower will be listed on the phone message machine as they came in.  You may check the calls after 5:00 p.m..   After 5:00 p.m.., call (541)756-3907.  To request jobs listed on the recorder, only registrants leaving their name, telephone number, Book number, and referral number on the message recorder will be called during dispatch hours, if such job call reaches applicant’s referral number.

When the employer states bona fide requirements for special skills and abilities in its request for registrants, the Business Manager shall refer the first applicant possessing such skills and abilities. 

When the employer states a bona fide request pursuant to an age ratio clause, the Business Manager shall refer the first registrant requesting that job who meets the criteria. 

Three Strike Rule

Registrants will be allowed two turndowns without penalty and be rolled to the bottom of the Book for a third turndown.  

Registrants who could have been referred but do not respond for job calls shall be issued a turndown.

Being unavailable for referral when a referral would have been offered to the registrant shall be considered a turndown.  Rejection of an applicant by an employer is not a turndown.

Registrants who are currently employed as salts shall not be issued a turndown.

Registrants in active military service or unable to take a call due to serious illness or injury shall not be issued a turndown.  Appropriate documentation of military service or by a treating physician shall be provided to the Business Manager.

Registrants that are on Book I shall not be issued a turndown for calls to a job site over 50 miles from their residence.

Registrants that are on Book I who are issued a turndown may have that turndown removed if, and only if, 

·        The registrant was on the road, working for a contractor signatory with the IBEW at the time the turndown(s) was issued, and 

·        The registrant provides adequate proof of such employment (i.e.. dispatch slip, paycheck stub), and 

·        The proof is provided within fifteen days of the turndown. 

 Note: Individuals may determine the number of turndowns they have by examining their records at the hiring hall or by calling the Local.  In addition, each week  beginning Friday night the Local will put on a recorder all of the turndowns issued to Book I registrants during the prior calendar week.  This recording may be accessed by calling 541/756-6815 after 5:00 p.m..

6. Foreman Call By Name.  The employer shall have the right to call a Foreman by name provided: 

A.  The employee has not quit his previous employer within the past two weeks.  

B.  The employer shall notify the Business Manager in writing of the name of the individual who is to be requested for employment as a foreman.  Upon such request, the Business Manager shall refer said foreman provided the name appears on the highest priority group. 

C.  When an employee is called as a foreman, he must remain as a foreman for 1000 hours or must receive a reduction in force.  

                       This section applies to the Inside Agreement only. 

7. Unfilled Calls. If jobs go unfilled, the Business Manager shall attempt to fill the call by any reasonable means available.  If calls are still unfilled by the close of the business day, they shall be put back on the recorder for dispatch the following day.  If job calls go unfilled for three (3) consecutive days the Business Manager may purge the Books.  

8. Hours of Dispatch.  Dispatch will be from 8:00 a.m.. until all jobs are filled for the next day. Registrant must be readily available at the telephone to take the calls during dispatching hours.  If registrant does not answer telephone after the 2nd try, the dispatcher will continue to the next registrant.  

9. Short Calls.   A short call is a job where an applicant is dispatched to work at a job scheduled for thirty (30) calendar days or less.  Short calls will be cycled through the highest order of the books.  There will be no back to back short calls regardless of employer by the same worker unless that call is unfilled by registrants of his group.  Applicants who work a short call shall be restored to their prior place on the Out-Of-Work List.  Long calls may turn into short calls but short calls may not turn into long calls.  Anyone who is dispatched and receives through no fault of their own work of thirty (30) calendar days or less shall be restored to their prior place on the Out-Of-Work List(s).  Turndowns will not be issued for short calls.  

10. License and Drug Test. Registrants who are dispatched need to be properly licensed for the job they are being dispatched to and must have a valid drug card or receipt of drug test before reporting to work.  If registrants do not, the employer will reject you. 

11. Discharge for Cause.  Any individual who is discharged for cause two times within a 12-month period shall be referred to the neutral member of the Appeals Committee for a determination of the registrant’s continued eligibility for referral. 

12. Appeals.  There is an Appeals Committee composed of one member appointed by the Union, one member appointed by the employer association and a Public Member appointed by both these members.  Any complaint arising out of the administration of the hiring hall by the Local Union shall be submitted in writing within ten days to:   Appeals Committee, c/o Manager, Oregon-Pacific Cascade Chapter NECA, 1040 Gateway Loop, Suite A, Springfield, OR 97477.

13. The Business Manager may deviate from these rules in case of Emergency.  The Business Manager is responsible to fill calls in a timely manner as needed by employers.  This means in an emergency, referral may have to be made outside normal hours using whatever means are available to fill calls and place registrants.

Effective date 8/1/11

Robert Westerman

Business Manager

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